Welcome to Bull Mountain Coffee. We specialize in artisan roasted coffee sourced from the very best beans available on the specialty market. We roast to order to insure the freshest coffee possible for our customers. Hobby roasters are also of great interest to us. We started roasting in our kitchen and we have a passion to help others to do the same. Whether you are in search of green beans or roasted beans, let Bull Mountain supply your needs. We are now mobile. Get your next event caffeinated with the Bull Mountain Coffee Trailer.



Feel free to use the form below,  Email. us at, or text at (360) 823-9417.


We do our best to respond quickly. 

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We are now mobile

We are now mobile

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Our mobile operation has been seen recently at the Cinco de Mayo Festival in Portland, Oregon, the Women in Pursuit Conference in Hillsboro and the Taste of Tigard Food and Beverage event in Tigard, Oregon.

Contact us to check availability for your upcoming event at: 360-823-9417.

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We are available to provide coffee, espresso, cold brew, nitro cold brew, fraps, espresso deserts, and ice cream cones for the children at events, parties, weddings, festivals, etc.


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Find Us at:

June 1st - The Taste of Tigard

Bull Mountain Coffee Roasters 360-823-941

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About us




In the Beginning

God created coffee. Fast forward to winter of 2013:  I’m sitting in the kitchen, roasting beans in my popcorn popper.  A  box fan is blowing the smoke out the window. This method proved very efficient for the removal of smoke from my roasting project, but not so much the chaff. Be warned, you will get in trouble and eventually kicked out to the back porch for blowing chaff all over the kitchen.


More Popcorn
The ½ cup or so of coffee beans roasted in the popcorn popper only whets the appetite for more coffee, different origins and larger batch sizes. Enter… the Stir Crazy popcorn popper with the Turbo Oven lid. Now I’m roasting just over ½ lb at a time. This is more than a household can drink, so we start sharing our fresh roasted coffee with friends. Before you know it, the requests start coming in for one pound bags and a plan is hatched for an even larger coffee roaster. 

Large Step Up
Craigslist is a wonderful tool to find cool stuff. And in the blink of an eye, there sits a four-burner propane BBQ with a stainless RK drum, rotisserie motor and a shop vac-driven bean cooler on the back porch. It has a 5 lb drum, but I found that 4 lb batches roasted up nicely with a consistent outcome. From this point we are selling coffee with a vision of growth and the need for a real commercial coffee roaster has become necessary if we are to offer the quality and consistency for those individuals, hobbyists and business customers that have a keen appreciation of great coffee. 

A Business is Born
We have a heart for the home hobby roaster, and strive to educate and support them. We supply the best coffee from the finest sustainable farms (mostly small farms). We source organic and fair trade whenever possible. It is our wish to provide every advantage to hobby roasters. We also took a loan against our retirement fund and ordered a North Coffee Roaster from Mill City Roasters in Minneapolis, MN. I put their name here because they are an awesome outfit with excellent customer service. Now having the roaster up and running, we are able to roast 100 lbs per 8 hr shift.  Individual coffee lovers and our business customers now enjoy coffee with computerized quality control. We provide artisan roasted coffee, green beans for the hobbyist, brewers and supplies to simplify the lives of our business clients.


Our Vision
Our plan is to mobilize coffee trailers that not only supply the finest artisan roasted coffee drinks and deserts but are also a place to purchase the very highest quality fresh roasted beans to take home. Our plan is to be present at festivals, races, company events and private parties. We don’t ever want to forget our beginnings or the fun and excitement we felt when we roasted and brewed our own coffee, so we want to encourage others to become coffee roasting enthusiasts by offering video tutorials.